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We are leaders in rapid prototyping technologies in Latin America. We have offices in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico and China. We have an International Certificate of Det Norske Veritas, which guarantees the quality of our work.

The Robtec offers:
• Amenities for Rapid Prototyping
• Amenities and CCU Scan Optics
• Quick fixes, innovative and quality for the development of new products.
• Better delivery market
• Affordable for any type of project.


Founded in 1994, the Robtec pioneered the introduction of rapid prototyping technologies in Brazil and Latin America. Throughout all these years of experience the company has become the leader in this segment, operating in Latin America and exclusively representing major international companies like 3D Systems, GOM, Materialize and MCP-HEK. Based in Diadema, Robtec has a team of experienced, qualified and trained constantly, always seeking to provide the latest and effective technologies in the market.


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